HOOPS: Next opponent

LSU handled Ole Miss with more ease than any conference opponent to date in an 83-51 Tigers win in Oxford on Jan. 17.

Tonight LSU faces MSU in Starkville. The Rebels’ next action is against LSU Saturday night at 6 in Baton Rouge.

— PA


9 Responses to “HOOPS: Next opponent”

  1. redstickrebel Says:

    Sorry I posted on the Lady’s article. But as I was saying MSU and OM are catching LSU at the wrong time. LSU should be ranked but are not. The Miss. teams have the Tigers at home so Go State and Go Rebs. beat Tigers

  2. ripleyreb Says:

    Mississippi teams went 2-0 against Kentucky. Hope they go 2-0 against LSU.

  3. cr Says:

    I’m a little amused at the freshman of the year discussion on Brad’s blog. According to the discussion it is between Arkansas’ Fortson and MSU’s Bost. No mention of Terrico. I for one wouldn’t trade Terrico for both of those guys.

  4. imabulldog Says:

    hey any of you guys have an opinion on our country and Obama, come check out allthingsmaroon.wordpress.com

    -And yes, Terrico is a good one

  5. rebel2011 Says:

    according to scout randall mackey will be here in december. he signed last year but went to juco. the article is free on the home page of scout

  6. djrebel Says:

    Fortson is really good. Rebels couldn’t stop him in the lane. I think Bost is better than what he showed against Ole Miss.

    Can’t imagine there’s a better freshman than Terrico right now. Those guys have been asked to play their natural positions. He’s been asked to learn a new one on the fly and play other positions too.

    — PA

  7. rebel2011 Says:

    i would have to agree on terrico. PA said it perfectly

  8. JB Says:

    ima, be coming to see you soon, have a few things to say in regards about this incoming socialist regime.

    Hope the Rebs can start a new winning streak and continue with it until the end of basketball season. GO REBS!!!!!

  9. redstickrebel Says:

    My bad I knew LSU and OM were playin at LSU. I hate that State lost to LSU at home. You better know that LSU will now be ranked after beating State. It doesn’t look good for the Rebs At Pete Maravich Assembly Center I’m taking my family of 4 to the game. Don’t accuse me me of being a hater, but who thinks Om can beat LSU at home? I’m going to the game have had tickets for month now. Go Rebs I’ll be there. I ate crow about Ken. I hope I’m wrong again.

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