HOOPS: All-Century team

F – Country Graham, 1936-38, Baldwyn
F – Cob Jarvis, 1952-54, Booneville
C – Denver Brackeen, 1954-55, Hickory
F – Joe Gibbon, 1954-47, Hickory
F – Jack Waters, 1959-61, Madison, Ind.
G – Don Kessinger, 1962-64, Forrest City, Ark.
F – Johnny Neumann, 1971, Memphis
C – Coolidge Ball, 1972-74, Indianola
G – John Stroud, 1977-80, New Albany
F – Elston Turner, 1978-81, Knoxville
G – Sean Tuohy, 1979-82, New Orleans, La.
G – Carlos Clark, 1980-83, Somerville, Tenn.
G – Rod Barnes, 1985-88, Satartia
F – Gerald Glass, 1989-90, Greenwood
F – Joe Harvell, 1990-93, Gosnell, Ark.
F – Ansu Sesay, 1995-98, Houston, Texas
G – Keith Carter, 1996-1999, Perryville, Ark.
F – Rahim Lockhart, 1998-2001, Mendenhall
F – Justin Reed, 2001-2004, Jackson

— PA

13 Responses to “HOOPS: All-Century team”

  1. JakeFuryReb Says:

    Well how about that. Sean Tuohy!

    For those of you who don’t know, he’s Micheal Oher’s adopted father.

  2. JB Says:

    Denver Brackeen, 1954-55, gets my #1 vote and others as following: Cob Jarvis was the Ole Miss team in his days.
    Johnny Neumann, 1971,a great outside shooter and had a high scoring average per game,but did not hang around too long.Rahim Lockhart, 1998-2001 a great Ole Miss player, a though man. Just as any of the Florida Gators that went up against Rahim in his days at Ole Miss.
    And just to throw in another it would be John Stroud.

  3. JB Says:

    Joe Gibbon a successful baseball pitcher for the Pirates.
    Don Kessinger allstar shortstop for the Cubs for years.
    Gerald Glass, in a game against Georgia at Georgia winning the game for Ole Miss with his 3-point shooting late in the game.

  4. Rogg Says:

    My favorite Rebel basketball player of all time is not on the list. Anthony Boone. However, his Jersey number hangs in the rafters at Tad Smith. I vote we add Anthony Boone to the “All Century Team” I’m surprised and dissappointed he his not on the team.

  5. coloradoreb Says:

    Glad John Stroud was in there. Great guy! Hats off to Moo U, they represented well against the kitty kats and should have won.

  6. george devaughn Says:

    jb alot of us younger people didnt know alot of those players.i picked up in the js, et, st,cc, error.only heard about the likes of jn and cg and likes through media guides. never got the privlage to watch.

  7. JB Says:

    yeah george most posters and viewers on this site was not round when tubbvile was here rebels has some heros times back just some dont know bout it or giv dam jus now der danking

  8. JakeFuryReb Says:

    Hey guys. For those of you who pray, a friend of mine was diagnosed with unclassified high grade metastatic sarcoma and the doctors pretty much gave up on him. So now we’re praying for a miracle. If you don’t mind, keep him in your prayers. Here’s his website:


  9. coloradoreb Says:

    Jake it does not allow us to access the site but L2 and I will pray.

  10. JakeFuryReb Says:

    Oh my bad, I copied the wrong site.


  11. JB Says:

    George, when I was growing up in the Oxford area (Tula), Country Graham was the coach. Cobb Jarvis was the start of players that I remember. Denver Brackeen I remember when he played at Central Miss JC (Decatur) and I was at NW Miss JC. Brackeen had one of the best and most accurate hook shots. He would get them off from out about the free throw line, round abouts and sometime further out. To my memory Denver was not one of those sky scrappers I think a bout 6-4/5. After that I went into the USAF and did not get a chance to see many more of Ole Miss Basketball games, except on TV.

  12. JB Says:

    I think the best college basketball player that I every saw that came to Ole Miss to play was LSU’s Bob Pettit. That guy was one outstanding basketball player. Probably the biggest was Tenn Doug Adkins. That man was a giant. He would just know the Rebels players out of the way and head for the basket.

  13. GoToHellLSU Says:

    I don’t know if he even made all SEC, but Jason Harrison was a great leader and fun to cheer for.

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