FOOTBALL: 2009 schedule update

I spoke with athletics director Pete Boone a few minutes ago regarding the football schedule.

Ole Miss is still in search of a 12th game. The likelihood is that 12th game will be against a Football Championship Subdivision (formerly I-AA) opponent.

“We thought we had a done deal with something, but at the last second that school went a different direction. We’re having to rekindle some embers out there. It’s very frustrating to all of us, but such is the world of scheduling,” Boone said.

Presumably that potential opponent was TCU, but Boone did not confirm that.

He holds out hope for a quality “name” opponent for a seventh home game.

“I don’t know definitely we’ll have to go I-AA, but over the last three or four weeks, a lot of I-A teams are off the board now,” Boone said.

— PA


13 Responses to “FOOTBALL: 2009 schedule update”

  1. JB Says:

    Colorado don’t know if they will every allow you on the campus of Ole Miss again.

  2. rebel2011 Says:

    i think strength of schedule only hurts you if you start way down in the polls and have a long way to go to the top but with us being ranked so highly it won’t hurt us.

  3. farley662 Says:

    You can bet that if a “name” team is within 5 spots of OM and has the same ranking at the end of the year, OM will get jumped. SOS does matter.

  4. m4rebs Says:

    What hahahahappened??

  5. J. Moore Says:

    This sux.

  6. m4rebs Says:

    Brilliant! Wonder if WalMart will take back my season tickets for store credit? I don’t want to pay for 7 home games and only see 4 real games. WalMart takes back anything, right? SOS matters, ask Utah. Ask Auburn. And if you think we would be treated any different than the 2004 Auburn team, you are crazy as a daisy. Not that we are going to run the table and do what the ’04 Auburn team did, but at least put yourself in a position to succeed.

  7. Raleighrebel Says:

    Colorado, looks like Leach is staying at T Tech. I hope PA didn’t waste too much time on your great lead on him going to Auburn.

  8. ColoradoReb Says:

    Raleigh get your facts str8. I said he was talking to Auburn and if a deal could be reached….. He did speak with them and ESPN reported that yesterday.

  9. rebelfan38652 Says:

    I am always criticizing Ohio State for having a cream puff schedule. Now Pete is making me look bad! You WILL hear about our strength of schedule next year if we can’t get a quality opponent. Why has it taken until now to find that one last game? I would have thought this would have been done last year.?

  10. UMREB74 Says:

    It seems to me PB put all eggs in that 1 basket!At this level of college sports a good athletic director would have had a backup plan!On the flipside though Auburn was 17th and 18th in the polls in the preseason.They also weren’t expected to be where they were at the end of the year.Certainly with this SOS though we better hope there aren’t two undefeated teams ahead of us at the end if we have a shot at all.

  11. John Says:

    After the last 3 years, if an SEC team is undefeated after the SEC championship game, they will be playing for the national championship next year. Even if it was Vandy. Count on it.

  12. Tyler-for-Heisman Says:

    I still say they should at least give USM a call. What’s to lose at this point?

  13. Ackermanrebel Says:


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