HOOPS: About last night

Freshman forward Murphy Holloway has recorded double-doubles in the last two games.

Freshman Murphy Holloway, shown here against Auburn, has recorded double-doubles in the last two games.

The Rebels got one they really needed in an 81-65 win over Tennessee. They had lost two straight. Drop a third, and you’ve dug yourself a big hole to dig out of.

I asked Andy Kennedy if he was concerned about falling off the pace, to which he responded “What pace?” and went on to remind us he’s really only concerned with young players getting better.

That’s all well and good, but there’s a postseason chance to be concerned with two.

This team that many thought would just play out the string after Chris Warren’s knee injury on Dec. 18 has become quite competitive.

It hasn’t hurt that the SEC is down this year, but that really shouldn’t diminish what Ole Miss has accomplished so far.

The Rebels are only 5-6 in the league right now, but with three of their last five at home have a chance to finish .500 in conference play.

As for Kennedy’s stated goal, the players have gotten better. Ole Miss continues to compete and sometimes defeat more experienced teams with guys who are seeing the league for the first time.

Last night freshmen Terrico White and Murphy Holloway led the way.

White has been steady throughout SEC play, but if Holloway continues the pace he’s shown in the last two games — two double-doubles — the Rebels will be strong down the stretch.

— PA


9 Responses to “HOOPS: About last night”

  1. Emjay Says:

    Loved your game coverage. Much better in much fewer words than the CL, which has forgotten that a game story is about the game. Not all of us readers had a chance to see it on TV. In my case, it was my fault. Sat down, had my chips and beer primed and ready to go, since I couldn’t be there in person. Sat back for a pregame nap, and Lordy it was 10:30 when I woke up. The Lord musta thought I needed sleep more than beer and basketball. Sadly the play-by-play and boxscore only go so far in recreating a feel for a game, a sense of contest. If you’d of told me preseason with all the troops healthy (a Bill Ross cliche) the Rebels would swamp a Pearl-coached Tennessee squad, even at Tad Smith, especially after the South Carolina fiasco at the selfsame site, I would have doubted your sanity. Just showing what is happening here, that the only experience on the court, Huertas would be the one needing a jacking up, makes me wish I had an alarm attached to the beer cooler. That is an achievement game, and it tells volumes about both the coaching ability of Andy Kennedy and the depth of this recruiting class. I ain’t like one of your respondents in the game-time blog, seeing the Rebels playing their way in the NCAA’s just yet. However, if they can pull off a road win and finish off at home, they would be in a position at least feel cheated without a bid with a win or two in the tournament. I would love either way to see Kennedy salvage a 20-win season out of the early disaster, when the team looked totally incompetent on the boards; now freshman rebounding is a strength–a skinny forward with 13, wow.

    Thanks again for your coverage.


  2. JB Says:

    I really don’t see that the SEC is down this year. With the Gators 7-4, Cats 7-4, Vols 7-4, Miss State 7-4, SC 7-4, and LSU 9-1 this tells me that the SEC is a competitive conference. Anyone team on a given day can possible beat another, regardless of record or past history. Someone beat LSU, but can’t remember who.

  3. djrebel Says:

    Thanks Emjay. Hope that’s you talking about my game coverage and not the beer. (Ha.)

    — PA

  4. oxfordrebel Says:

    Big win last night. What you think PA, NIT bid possible if we close strong?

  5. djrebel Says:

    OR, I think it’s doable. Here’s the thing. This is the revived NIT, so it takes more than just a winning record. The RPI is currently 60. I’m not sure exactly how that plays with the NIT folks, and I don’t know if they’ll take into account all that’s gone on with the injuries and such. I figure if they win 3 of their last 5 they’re in.

    You up for a baseball banner?

    — PA

  6. john Says:

    fyi… over on Ole Miss Spirit site Parrish you and the Daily Journal are being accused of being anti-Ole Miss in your coverage… funny how folks read into every word you write….

  7. Herbie Says:

    PA – i haven’t heard anything on the possibility of chris warren being able to redshirt. i know he played past the magic number, or at least right up to it (can’t remember which), but i thought i remember hearing that the coach’s were going to try and go for a medical redshirt anyway. any news on that?

  8. djrebel Says:

    Herbie, I’ll ask on that one. I just figured Chris played past the number since it was about a third of the season.

    John, that’s an occupational hazard. You can write something one way and have it interpreted 100 ways. You just have to write what you see. We don’t set out to be “anti” for either of the schools we cover. It makes no sense. Why make an effort to alienate half your subscribers? We don’t do it.

    — PA

  9. ColoradoReb Says:

    The CL is the paper that is anti-OM IMHO. They never have anything good to say.

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