HOOPS: Freshman of the Year?

Freshman guard Terrico White

Freshman guard Terrico White

There was interesting discussion here last week about Terrico White and his chances for SEC Freshman of the Year.

Statistically speaking it looks like three point guards — Arkansas’ Courtney Fortson, MSU’s Dee Bost and White — would be in the running for the award.

White’s chance may depend largely on how informed the electorate is and what it uses as criteria.

If you’re looking at numbers for all games, White’s scoring is less than Fortson’s. Fortson didn’t have the same role change, though.

White was a different player in the pre-conference schedule. He didn’t have to be “the man,” and his production mirrored that of most freshmen finding their way.

It was also during that time that he was missing a lot of 3-pointers with a technical flaw in his form that the coaches identified and helped him correct.

In statistics compiled only in SEC games, White leads all freshmen in scoring, field goal percentage, 3-point field goal percentage and 3-pointers per game.

Fortson and Bost are smaller, quicker players who are going to fare better than White in steals and, to this point, assist-turnover ratio.

It’s been impressive how easily White has mastered point guard at the Division 1 level after having never played it on a consistent basis previously. He still does other things too, like post up or loop around and grab the lob pass for a dunk.

There’s no question Ole Miss would not be 5-6 in the league without what he’s accomplished against the SEC.

It will present an interesting situation to Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy when Chris Warren is healthy next year. It’s a situation, however, where both Warren and White can co-exist. For Kennedy, it will be not about choosing a point guard but choosing a style.

With White he can go big at the point. With Warren he can go small and quick. He’ll be able to choose the player best suited to create a mismatch with the opponent.

Fun times ahead.

— PA


24 Responses to “HOOPS: Freshman of the Year?”

  1. Jorel Says:

    I thought Arkansas’ Courtney Fortson had been indefinitely suspended?

  2. JB Says:

    Terrico’s got my vote.

  3. rpmjr Says:

    But we will have 3 starting guards next year, White, Huertas, and Warren. Can Huertas or White play small forward without giving up a mismatch against most teams? (did not even count Gaskins). I would consider Polynice and Graham are the best at small forward. Henry and Holloway at power forward. And Malcolm White and Cranston at center. The starting line-ups will be interesting next year. Although too much talent is a problem we can handle. (Polynice is listed as a guard, but that’s too many guards already.)

    Wow, that’s 10 guys who could easily start. (although Cranston still needs to improve on offense, but he’s getting there.)

  4. djrebel Says:

    Fortson’s indefinite suspension lasted for a game.

    — PA

  5. ripleyreb Says:

    Jorel, guess indefinitely mean’t one game??? Going by what each player has mean’t to their teams, I would have to vote for White. Dee Bost is a very good player and would rate him over Fortson. It is going to be fun watching all the young talent in the SEC mature over the next few years.

  6. ripleyreb Says:

    Sorry about the repeat answer PA, takes me a while to type my post using two fingers.

  7. Tyler-for-Heisman Says:

    Baseball team is up 4-0 in the 3rd over liberty.

  8. Tyler-for-Heisman Says:

    4-4 now.

  9. ripleyreb Says:

    What’s the score now Tyler??

  10. Tyler-for-Heisman Says:

    5-5 in the top of the 7th.

  11. Tyler-for-Heisman Says:

    PA is this a fluke or is liberty this good? I’d sure hate to have a repeat of last year.

  12. ripleyreb Says:

    Thanks. Go REBS !!!

  13. farley662 Says:

    Here ya go ripley.


  14. Tyler-for-Heisman Says:

    We’re the home team by the way. We may need the last at bat.

  15. ripleyreb Says:

    Got it Farley, thanks, you’re a good guy, I don’t care what Bigdraws says.

  16. rebfan Says:

    final. 6-5 rebels

  17. JB Says:

    ripley, you are right,Farley is a good guy, but needs to keep his distance from Draws and Birdz.

  18. ripleyreb Says:

    JB, if The Lord’s willing, I’ll be down your way in September. If PB ever gets the schedule set, so I can plan around the home games. Man, he is holding up my plans for the fall.

  19. JB Says:

    As Ole Miss is playing Liberty University, I have utmost respect and admiration for that University and its teaching. Bobby Richardson was,may still be, the baseball coach there. One can be fully asssured that he will lead and respresent his team well. Same goes for Coach Bianco at Ole Miss, two good and repectful college baseball coaches.

  20. JB Says:

    Ripley hope you can make it. September long way off so changes do happen The best to you and family. JB

  21. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Rebels looked good in the game against Liberty. However, if we are counting on Mort at SS….we are in trouble. He let a dribbler go through his legs for an error which scored on a double to the right center gap by the next batter. Aaron Barrett looked good in his first start…went 5 or 6 innings and struck out about6 or 7. Morgan was ok but was victimized by Mort’s error. The RS freshman Goforth looked good in his 1 inning on the mound. Then it was Bittle time…must have been 20 radar guns trained on each pitch. He picked up his first save. Matt Smith put the bat on the ball in each at bat….hammering one to the wall where the center fielder made a leaping catch against the wall. The bottom of the order is going to have to improve. Overall, I was pleased with the 1st game performance. Can’t wait until tomorrow and Mercer.

    There was a good crowd of Rebels for a Friday game. Hopefully, it will be larger tomorrow.

  22. ripleyreb Says:

    Thanks for the report Jeff. Glad you made it. Give an extra yell for me tomorrow. Go Rebs.

  23. cr Says:

    The only reason there is even a discusion is because Terrico didn’t start the year at point like the other two did. You decribed it correctly that the voters have to be following close to really know. If they are keeping up there is no contest. How many SEC games do we win without Terrico? Easy answer if you ask the same of Fortson.

    1) White 2) Bost and 3) Fortson in my opinion.

  24. djrebel Says:

    Jeff, thanks for the report.

    Tyler, don’t know much about Liberty, except that the pitcher they started yesterday was one of the top returning pitchers in the Big South Conference this season, for whatever that’s worth.

    — PA

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