BASEBALL: Mercer 13, Ole Miss 11

Here’s the link.

— PA


6 Responses to “BASEBALL: Mercer 13, Ole Miss 11”

  1. Jay Stokes Says:

    man….that is sort of sad.

  2. m4rebs Says:

    Didn’t we have like at 12 or 13 game win streak out of the gate last year? At least we got the pressure off now. Just go out and play baseball from here on out. Need to win that game tomorrow against USA. A top 10 team doesn’t lose to a team like Mercer, regardless of who is pitching or who is in the lineup, in my opinion. Then again, it is baseball, and there isn’t a sport out there that is as streaky as that game. If the momentum is right, anyone can beat anyone. Let’s get back on track tomorrow Rebels!!! Hotty Toddy.

  3. Bill in Sandy Springs Says:

    Correct me if I am wrong but didn’t John Rocker play college baseball at Mercer?

  4. djrebel Says:

    Baseball-Almanac says Rocker did not attend college. Both teams could have used him yesterday for his pitching, not his PR.

    — PA

  5. rebel2011 Says:

    looks like we need to find some pitching if you ask me. And I thought our fielding was supposed to be much better but three errors yesterday doesn’t sound so improved to me… we need to rebound today and find some consistency

  6. Jay Stokes Says:

    south alabama will be a tough matchup today…..tougher than mercer. i think mercer just had their day last night. i’m not too worried about the rebs YET. i thought basham was really honest and a class act last night when he was asked in post-game interview what the rebels did wrong. instead of making up a laundry list of excuses, he answered “nothing, we just got beat. it’s as simple as that.”

    it’s a shame the rebs had to fall from the rankings so soon, but maybe it will be good for their psyche.

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