HOOPS: Georgia game file

We’re about an hour from tip here. Perrin Crews will be handling the game blog. He’s a Tupelo High School senior who is working on his senior project. He’ll have the game updates in the comment section. Post your questions and observations below as the Rebels try to get back to .500 in the SEC.

— PA


36 Responses to “HOOPS: Georgia game file”

  1. Perrin Crews Says:

    The major part of my senior project will be this area of blogging. This is my first task, and I will have a weekly high school baseball blog on our season coming soon.


  2. Perrin Crews Says:

    The Rebels are still on the court shooting around while Georgia has just gone into the locker room about 10 minutes before game time.


  3. Perrin Crews Says:

    Holloway, M White, T White, Graham, and Huertas get the start for the Rebels

  4. Perrin Crews Says:

    Kennedy calls a time out prompted by sloppy play by his Rebels. Georgia leads 4-2.

  5. Perrin Crews Says:

    Rebels respond with a 4-0 run after Kennedy’s timeout to lead 6-4 with 15:53 left in the first half.

  6. Perrin Crews Says:

    Timeout Georgia as Terrico hits the Rebels first three to go up 14-6 with 10:56 to go in the first half.

  7. Perrin Crews Says:

    Rebels only basket between timeouts was a Huertas 3-pointer, Rebels still lead 17-11 with 7:32 left.

  8. Perrin Crews Says:

    22-15 with 3:06 to go in the half, the offensive woes continue as both teams are shooting under 40%

  9. Perrin Crews Says:

    Rebels go into the half with the lead 27-21. Terrico White leads all scorers with 10 points. Both teams head into the locker room looking to find an answer for their offensive struggles. Ole Miss is shooting 38% from the floor while Georgia is shooting 28% to accompany 10 turnovers.

  10. Perrin Crews Says:

    The biggest rise from the crowd comes after a dominating Malcolm White block followed by a Huertas 3-point basket as the Rebels surge out to an 8-0 run to start the second half. 18:05 to go 35-21 Rebels.

  11. Perrin Crews Says:

    Georgia gets its first bucket of the half from Dustin Ware but the Rebels’ continues to grow with the help of two Huertas 3-pointers as they lead 40-23 with 15:47, Malcolm White has 3 blocks this half to give him 5 for the game.

  12. Perrin Crews Says:

    With 11:26 left in the second half the Rebels lead has extended to 49-30 in large part to the defensive play of Zach Graham on Georgia’s leading scorer Terrance Woodbury. Woodbury has only 8 points on 2 for 5 shooting. Last year Woodbury put up 25 on the Rebels in the SEC Tourney.

  13. rebeltent Says:

    Nice job blogging. Rebs seem to be putting together a pretty good game so far. Hopefully the lack of other posters is because they are at the game. Good luck on the rest of your senior project.

  14. Catherine Crews Says:

    Way to go Perrin!!! Great job!

  15. Perrin Crews Says:

    Georgia calls a timeout with 7:35 to go in the half with the Rebels up 55-32. Georgia is shooting 22% from the floor.

  16. RaleighRebel Says:

    Good updates Perrin. We appreciate all your efforts. How is the crowd tonight?

  17. Perrin Crews Says:

    With 3:58 to go in the game Ole Miss leads 59-37.

  18. Perrin Crews Says:

    Thanks, glad to get some feedback. Decent crowd tonight I’d say about 7 thousand.

  19. Perrin Crews Says:

    Rebels are up 67-45 with 1:16 to go as Kennedy goes to his bench with Bogan Holloway Brown Spach and Cantinol

  20. JB Says:

    Ole Miss a very good basktball team and thanks goes to Coach Kennedy. They have just drove that nail deeper into the coffin of Mississippi State for the #2 bye in the SEC West for SEC tournment play. GO REBELS!!!

  21. Perrin Crews Says:

    69-47 final at the Tad Pad. Rebels move to 6-6 in the SEC and now only one game behind MSU and half a game behind Auburn in the West

  22. JB Says:

    Miss State losses to Alabama today, The Rebs 1 game down and at Oxford it could be the decider. GO REBELS!!!!!!!!

  23. Billy Crews Says:

    Rebels are 6 – 6 in the SEC. What is your prediction as the final SEC record?

  24. Josh Says:

    Anybody get a score in the baseball game? The stattracker is stalled in the 7th with us down 12-11.

  25. Perrin Crews Says:

    13-11 Mercer final

  26. Billy Crews Says:

    Did the Rebels look good or is Georgia just weak? We better be ready to play Wednesday at Auburn.

  27. JB Says:

    Ole Miss does need to take that game with South Alabama tomorrow.

  28. rebfan Says:

    great job Perrin.

  29. farley662 Says:

    Good job on the game.

  30. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Just got in from baseball game. No pitching. Good offense….but nothing the last three innings. Jordan Henry stranded two in the top of the ninth when he bounced back to the pitcher to end the game. If the relief pitching doesn’t get any better it’s going to be a long year. Corrigan started and pitched a scoreless 1st and 3rd…but couldn’t get anybody out in the forth. Gave up 6 runs in 3 innings. Rebels came right back in the 5th and took a 11-6 lead but could not hold it. Mercer scored in every inning except the 1st and 3rd. Three Rebels errors. Mort played much better at short today and even got a hit.

    Basham mashed one and Logan now has two homers in two games.

    Hope starting pitching is much better tomorrow. Liberty beat South Alabama today. They’ve got a decent team from what I’ve seen. Wish we had Pomeranz to go tomorrow.

  31. Jeff Jolly Says:

    Oh…again…Matt didn’t strike out again today. It seems he has really improved at the plate to this point.

  32. djrebel Says:

    Thanks Perrin, great job.

    — PA

  33. m4rebs Says:

    Another good win for a stripped-down squad. I think we can get to 8-8 in the league and that would be a monumental task considering the offensive production that has not been available since mid-December. I don’t think we are NCAA Tourney bubble quality, but NIT bubble is obtainable. Nice job guys.

  34. ColoradoReb Says:

    Anything’s possible m4, let L2 get to praying we may win the final four.

  35. djrebel Says:

    Prayer does a lot of good things, Colorado.

    — PA

  36. toddv Says:

    Great job Perrin, enjoyed it.

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