HOOPS: Auburn game file

About 30 minutes to tip here in the electric atmosphere that is Auburn basketball.

I think Ole Miss has some late-arriving fans, but these folks are like Dodgers fans. Maybe they’re all out on the concourse, and I just don’t see them. It is “Economic Stimulus” night at the concession stand.

Auburn basketball is the only place where I walk through the inflated team mascot tunnel to get to my seat. That’s not good or bad, just interesting.

This is a big game for both teams. I figure the Rebels will have to guard the perimeter pretty hard and take away Tay Waller. He was 0-for-5 from the arc in Oxford in the first round, but he’s been pretty hot of late, second in the SEC in 3-pointers made.

Leave your questions and comments below.

— PA


42 Responses to “HOOPS: Auburn game file”

  1. JB Says:

    The Rebs need a win here tonight to keep that #2 spot in the SEC West alive. A loss here not good.

  2. djrebel Says:

    Your Ole Miss starters are Malcolm White, Murphy Holloway, David Huertas, Zach Graham and Terrico White.

  3. djrebel Says:

    Auburn is attempting a “white out” but the impact is lost on the empty brown seats. More folks in the seats now thought. I’m guessing 5,000, but I’m not good at that kind of guessing.

  4. djrebel Says:

    Rebels opened in a man and gave up some tuff shots in the lane early, but White and Huertas hit 3s, and Ole Miss opened up a 14-8 lead. It’s 14-10 now and a time out at 15:15. The Rebels have ball possession when play resumes.

  5. djrebel Says:

    Rebels in red tonight, first time since Vandy I think.

  6. djrebel Says:

    Rebels 3-for-4 from the arc after Graham hits in transitiion. Ole Miss leads 17-11

  7. djrebel Says:

    Team fouls 5-2 in favor of Auburn, a few nit-picky calls. Waller’s at the line shooting 3 now. He hits all 3, and Ole Miss leads 17-14

  8. djrebel Says:

    Time out at 11:49. Ole Miss leads 19-16. Rebels are guarding the 3 pretty well. Waller is 0-for-2, but on this possession, two misses have bounced back to Auburn, and the Tigers will have the ball when play resumes.

  9. djrebel Says:

    Cranston has already picked up two fouls, the second one was rather nit-picky. Malcolm White and Terrico White each have one foul.

  10. djrebel Says:

    Will Bogan enters the game after the time out, and Terrance Henry remains in.

  11. djrebel Says:

    Team fouls 7-3. Graham just scored but was called for charging, not a good call. Ole Miss 26-20

  12. rebel2011 Says:

    Rebels playing very well at the beginning. This is very good as we have done much better when we started out well. We just need to keep it up.

  13. djrebel Says:

    Time out at 6:54. Ole Miss leads 26-23. I don’t generally comment on officiating, but there have been three rather obvious calls in this one that were called the other way. Auburn benefitted from two calls, Ole Miss from one.

    This isn’t looking like a “let em play” style tonight, which could impact Malcolm White’s contributions against Korvotney Barber.

  14. djrebel Says:

    Graham just called for his second foul. Charging. Auburn was in a press and he was tryiing to create space.

  15. rebel2011 Says:

    How are the accomodations for you media guys there in the arena?

  16. djrebel Says:

    Time at 3:34. Huertas has 13 points and just picked up his second foul, Huertas, Graham and Cranston with two fouls.

    Officiating is really weak right now, but again, it’s favoring neither team.

    Rebels lead 32-25, Auburn ball when play resumes.

  17. djrebel Says:

    Malcolm just got mugged and had the ball taken away. Fell to the floor on his elbow. No call. Barber fouled on the other end.

  18. djrebel Says:

    Time out Ole Miss at 3.1. T White’s at the free throw line and just hit one. He’ll have another when play resumes.

    Auburn point guard DeWayne Reed, a noted Ole Miss killer, just picked up his third foul.

    Team foulsare 10-9 with Ole Miss leading. Bad calls and no calls both ways.

    Rebels up 39-33 with a free throw coming.

  19. djrebel Says:

    White hit the free throw, and Quantez Robertson hit a 3 from the key at the buzzer. Ole Miss leads 40-36 at halftime.

  20. Christian Says:

    The radio said they were reviewing the three and that it looked like a two. Did they change it?

  21. djrebel Says:

    2011, the accomodations here are better than in most places. They’ve set up work space in a corner of the stands that reach the floor. Takes up about the first four rows.

  22. djrebel Says:

    15 seconds in, Waller hits a 3 and Huertas picks up his third foul on the play. Waller at the line.

  23. djrebel Says:

    Another 3 by Waller, who has seven points in 57 seconds. Auburn leads 43-40, and Ole Miss calls time at 19:03.

  24. djrebel Says:

    Waller is now 4-for-6 from 3. He was 0-for-5 from 3 in Oxford.

  25. djrebel Says:

    Huertas 0-for-2 from 3 this half,

  26. djrebel Says:

    Malcolm White, Terrico White and Huertas are yelling at one another ont he floor as Auburn goes to the free throw line.

  27. djrebel Says:

    Turnover Malcolm White. Rebels quickly losing poise. Auburn hasn’t missed this half and leads 47-40.

  28. djrebel Says:

    Time out at 14:58. Ole Miss has regained a bit of composure. Graham hit at 3 at 15:48 for the Rebels’ first points of the half. Auburn leads 47-43.

  29. djrebel Says:

    We’ve decided that nothing short of an electric fence will stop Malcolm from stepping on the baseline.

  30. djrebel Says:

    Time at 11:41. Auburn leads 49-45. Rebels shot 50 percent in the first half, can’t buy a basket in the second half. T White and Huertas are repeatedly missing open looks.

  31. djrebel Says:

    Auburn has scored eight straight and opened up a 10-point lead, 55-45, after Waller beats the Rebels in transition. Good transition D for the most part tonight, but little is going right at the moment.

  32. ripleyreb Says:

    Somebody take the lid off our basket.

  33. rebel2011 Says:

    We couldn’t make a dunk right now with a 7 foot guy and nobody around him

  34. djrebel Says:

    Time out at 7:41. Auburn’s on a 12-0 run. Huertas and T White are getting closer. At least some of their shots are going in now and then circling back out. Huertas is still yelling at Malcolm White. Can’t tell if it’s English or Spanish, though. Tigers lead 59-45.

  35. John Burrows Says:

    Where is Holloway tonight? I see where he is playing, but seems to have disappeared.

  36. djrebel Says:

    John, Murhpy’s been a non-factor. They’re quick enough to guard his first step, and that slows him down a lot. He’s not going to post up and take a pass and score.

    Reed just scored with a loose ball and drew a foul against Terrico. It’s 65-50 at 5:55 with a free throw coming.

  37. djrebel Says:

    We’re trying to figure out why David’s on the bench right now.

  38. djrebel Says:

    Time out at 3:45. Terrico just hit a 3, and Auburn turned it over. Don’t see any comeback magic from this bunch tonight. There’s dissension, leading scorer isn’t in the mix right now, and the home team is up 70-57.

  39. djrebel Says:

    Rebels have entered fouling mode. Down 72-62 at 2:00

  40. ripleyreb Says:

    77-64, Ouch. Just wait till next year.

  41. JakeFuryReb Says:

    Cheer Up!

  42. bigdraws Says:

    PA, what was the difference in the second half? Sounded like Om was in control till right before halftime.

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