HOOPS: Print edition coverage

Auburn 77, Ole Miss 64. Auburn jolted the Rebels with a fast start in the second half then clamped down and kept them at bay. Frustration built for Ole Miss and was on display for all to see with players bickering among themselves.

— PA


2 Responses to “HOOPS: Print edition coverage”

  1. JB Says:

    That lose to Auburn last night probably knocked the Rebels out of a chance to win that #2 spot in SEC West. Auburn slide into second with the lose of Miss State to The Vols in Wed play. State appears to have the advantage though, they play Auburn at Starkville and with another home game to come. The way I see it,Ole Miss only chance at 2nd place in West now rides with them running the table. GO LUCK REBS GO!!!

  2. Charles Says:

    Any update on James Scott’s situation? Hopefully Demareo Marr will be ready to go this year. Which other CB’s do you all think will have a good chance of stepping up and filling in one of the backup/starting spots. Scott was probably the only guy that had a legitimate shot at taking one of the starter’s spots from last year. Other guys will have to step up in the backup roles though.

    Fortunately our top returning CB’s were looking pretty good towards the end of the year. The D-line deserves some credit for that. If our D-line can remain strong, which is should, then I think we’ll be fine, otherwise we’re going to be missing Scott.

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