HOOPS: Arkansas game file

Rebels are out on the floor for warm-ups. David Huertas isn’t among them. Ole Miss may be lacking its leading scorer tonight.

Post your comments and questions below.

— PA


56 Responses to “HOOPS: Arkansas game file”

  1. djrebel Says:

    Former Ole Miss coach Rob Evans is over there on the Arkansas bench. He’s a lot grayer than he was in Oxford in the mid-1990s.

  2. djrebel Says:

    Henry, Cranson, Malcolm White, Terrico White and Graham are your Ole Miss starters.

  3. djrebel Says:

    Two straight buckets by the Hogs, one a Washington dunk. Hogs lead 4-0 and Ole Miss calls time at 18:21. Rebels have gotten off 1 shot in 2 trips. The other trip resulted in a M White being stripped from behind.

  4. djrebel Says:

    Time out at 15:12. Hogs lead 15-8. Arkansas is 3-for-4 from 3, 6-for-7 overall. Rebels are 3-for-6, but can’t get a stop. Will Bogan and Murphy Holloway have entered the game. Malcolm White leads the Rebels with four points right now.

  5. ripleyreb Says:

    Just joined the action PA. What’s the deal with David? Does he still have the flu?

  6. djrebel Says:

    Terrico was just called for carrying the ball. Other than that the Rebels have handled the pressure well. Hogs’ Fortson is really bodying up on Terrico trying to create turnovers. Hogs 24-14 at 11:38.

  7. djrebel Says:

    Not sure on David. Maybe foot. I was out of pocket and not in Oxford Monday.

  8. djrebel Says:

    Hogs 6-for-10 from 3 now and lead 31-22. Rebels aren’t letting Fortson beat them but everyone else is, espeically Rotnei Clarke, who is now 3-for-4 from 3 with 11 points.

  9. djrebel Says:

    Time out at 7:48. Hogs lead 31-23 and shooting 61.1 percent to Rebels 47.1 percent.

    I have been a proponent of throwing it into the post on occassion, espeically when nothing else is working consistently. Rebels are doing that a little bit this game and are being reminded why that isn’t a very good option generally speaking. Post guys aren’t catching good passes and are the primary offenders in seven turnovers right now.

  10. rebel2011 Says:

    PA, David Kellum said that he has a bone bruise on his foot or ankle and that it was mainly a matter of pain as the reason he cant play. Nothing broken or torn.

  11. djrebel Says:

    Rebels trail 32-25. No field goal since 9:18.

  12. djrebel Says:

    Five straight points by Hogs’ Sanchez aznd Arkansas has its biggest lead at 37-25 at 4:36.

  13. djrebel Says:

    2011, thanks for the update. Maybe he can play Saturday.

  14. djrebel Says:

    Time out at 3:53. Arkansas leads 38-28. Hogs shooting has cooled to 50 percent, Rebels cooling off too, down to 38.1 percent. Rebels are 11-for-15 from the free throw line but haven’t hit a field goal since Graham’s 3 at 9:18, a span of about 5 1/2 minutes.

  15. djrebel Says:

    Dunk by Malcolm White with a drive and dish by Terrico, a 3 by Bogan and it’s 38-33. Hogs call time at 2:46. Throwing it into the post paid rare dividends on both of those possessions.

  16. djrebel Says:

    Rebels had it downn to 38-35 and gave up 3s on back to back trips. Arkansas leads 44-35 at the break.

  17. rebel2011 Says:

    Bogan with a career high 10 points

  18. ripleyreb Says:

    Can we hang on???

  19. Jay Stokes Says:

    ole miss up 70-66 with 7 minutes left.

  20. Jay Stokes Says:

    79-76 ole miss wtih 2:53 left.

  21. m4rebs Says:

    is pa alive?

  22. rebel2011 Says:

    whew this is too close for comfort… Rebels definitely showing good fight on the road

  23. rebel2011 Says:

    headed for overtime at 84-84

  24. ripleyreb Says:

    I guess PA got an early start back to Tupelo???

  25. Jay Stokes Says:

    93-86 ole miss with under 2 minutes to go in OT.

  26. rebel2011 Says:

    PA probably lost wireless or something. They don’t know much about technology in the state of Arkansas. Most people there don’t know what that is. Sorry if anyone here lives in Arkansas

  27. m4rebs Says:

    Listening on XM, but only Razorback Sports Network. They probably love him, but their play-by-play guys are terrible. I can tell the play is over at least 15 seconds till he tells us about it.

  28. Jay Stokes Says:

    97-91 ole miss with 30 seconds left

  29. Jay Stokes Says:

    16 points for bogan

  30. rebel2011 Says:

    Will Bogan sure has played incredible tonight. He has 16 points with 7 assists and only 1 TO.

  31. Jay Stokes Says:

    98 – 91….ole miss wins in OT without huertas. what a game by the rebels.

    now time to clean state’s clock to close out the season.

  32. rebel2011 Says:

    Rebs win 98-91! and without leading scorer Huertas. Winner of saturday’s game vs. State will be #3 seed in tournament and play Georgia

  33. ripleyreb Says:

    Final 98-91. What a win for the REBS..

  34. Flareb Says:

    Is it final?

  35. rebel2011 Says:

    Jay, we obviously are thinking the same thing because we had 2 similar posts back to back

  36. JakeFuryReb Says:

    Terrico White-29 points
    Zach Graham-20 points
    Will Bogan-16 points

    Good night for the Rebels!

  37. m4rebs Says:

    Not saying it’s a done deal, but if we were to win Saturday, and get that #3 seeding in the SEC tourney, get ready for the 11:00 PM game on that Thursday night. I know PA is tinkling in his paints on that one. It would be a rematch of last year’s first round matchup between us and the defending SEC Tourney Champions. Hopefully we can get the 3 seed and a chance at redemption. Tough task ahead of us on Saturday though. We haven’t swept the Dogs in basketball in a long, long, long time. Anybody remember a sweep for us, I know they’ve done it several times in the last 5 years.

  38. Flareb Says:

    Can I get an updated road win percentage?????

  39. bigdraws Says:

    Nobody has swept the last three years I know. I’d have to take a wild guess and say Om swept state in about ’01. Simply a guess.

  40. ripleyreb Says:

    Draws are you going to make it to Oxford Saturday??

  41. bigdraws Says:

    I don’t think so. Why, you got an extra ticket for me? My wife and kids will be out of town. Oughta be a good weekend.

  42. rebel2011 Says:

    Matt, David Kellum said earlier that the #3 seed game is in the afternoon, I think at 2:15. He said that the late game is the #3 east vs. #6 west, which cannot be us. So we dont have that problem

  43. bigdraws Says:

    I’ll be in rival LSU country the weekend of the tourney. Dear Lord please don’t let them win it. And if they do, please provide a store nearby with earplugs.

  44. m4rebs Says:

    Thanks for the correction 2011. Maybe they alternate who get’s the late game with the E3/W6 and the W3/E6 every other year.

    Draws, this year was the first year we beat you guys in Starkville in 10 or 11 years, so ’01 may have been ya’ll sweeping us.

  45. m4rebs Says:

    Draws, you probably won’t have to worry about them winning the tourney. They haven’t been playing as well the past 2 weeks. Vandy blew the Dores (get it?) off of them in BR tonight.

  46. ripleyreb Says:

    Draws, sorry I don’t have an extra ticket, if I did I would be honored to sit with an old friend. I’m sure there will be tickets. If you get one I’d be glad to buy you a Coke in one of those big souvenior cups.

  47. bigdraws Says:

    Thanks rip. Have a good time I’ll prolly listen in and throw some ribs on the grill. Gotta soak in all the freedom I can.

  48. bigdraws Says:

    Matt, I can’t believe they lost to Vandy at home. Brando was saying that may hurt Auburn’s ncaa chances. I hope not. They deserve to dance in my opinion.

  49. ripleyreb Says:

    OK Draws, hope you enjoy your week-end with a little peace and quite.

  50. bigdraws Says:

    I shall my friend. Been awhile since I’ve had it all to myself. twss.

  51. m4rebs Says:

    You really think Auburn deserves a shot at the dance? They’ve got some bad losses, like to us at our place by like 20. Who do you think SHOULD get in from the SEC??? UK got beat AT HOME by UGA tonight, I think that hurts them pretty bad. Ya’ll taking care of Florida and Florida losing at UGA will hurt them too. It ain’t looking good for the SEC….Here’s my prediction:
    LSU, USC, and Tennessee only, unless Auburn wins 2 in the SEC torney. With them getting the bye in the first round, that would put them playing on Sunday in the championship game and would get them IN. Otherwise, they may be forgotten, in my opinion.

  52. rpmjr Says:

    State beat OM 3 times in one season not that long ago. I think Barnes last season. I remember because a friend was bragging, so I asked if he would give up all 3 b-ball wins for a win in the egg bowl that year, and he shut up.

  53. imabulldog Says:

    It’s all about whose hot, and except for an ‘almost’ letdown vs Bama, Auby is that team. I look for them to do some major damage. I think they could sneak in with just one win in the SEC-Tourney.Key word there being, ‘think’…but they are a dangerous team

  54. JB Says:

    The young Rebels are a dangerous team and should they get hot during the tournment on to NCAA.

  55. imabulldog Says:

    JB, come back man! 🙂 No offense takin

  56. JB Says:

    Thanks, Ima, I had better not hang out over there for awhile. I do exercise my freedom of speech ever now and then and it does touch some on the wrong side. I do with Farley sometimes, but I consider Farley my friend and he knows who I am and what I say. I definitely don’t want to say anything here on PA’s site to offend him, in anyway form or fashion or in discredit to the DJ. If I have said anything to offend PA or the DJ I do humbly apologize. I am not one that recognize or practice political correctness. That’s just the way that I am.

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