HOOPS: More road talk

After successfully dodging the trucks between Memphis and Little Rock on I-40 have settled into a hotel room in Springdale.

Because the Rebels’ SEC road record since 1998-99 generated such discussion below I thought I’d spin the numbers a different way. Gregg’s research went back to Rick Stansbury’s first season as MSU coach.

If you expand the window to include the previous two seasons — the 1996-97 and 1997-98 seasons — Ole Miss was 8-8 on the road. Those last two Rob Evans teams went 11-5 and 12-4 in conference play and won the Western Division both times.

That would make Ole Miss 23-80 (.223 win percentage) on the road during that span.

That might be good enough to move the Rebels off the bottom. I don’t know, because I wasn’t able to research the other 11 teams. There’s only so much you can do while driving.

Oh, the fun you can have with numbers.

No TV for the game tonight. I’ll have the game blog going, though. Tipoff is 7 p.m.

— PA


3 Responses to “HOOPS: More road talk”

  1. rebelfan38652 Says:

    I’ve been without internet for two weeks have we filled our need for one more football game?

  2. John Burrows Says:

    Word is Hertas is questionable tonight. Is this true?

  3. rpmjr Says:

    That stretch from Memphis to LR is terrible! The only brightside is that you can see just how fast your car can go. It’s so flat and straight that the only hill has a name, Crowley’s Ridge at Forest City.

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