HOOPS: RPI Numbers

RPI will figure into who makes the NIT, as well as the NCAA, and the NIT is what most SEC teams are jockeying for right now.

Ole Miss’ road got tougher when Anthony Brock’s desperation heave fell at Tennessee a day after Terrico White’s did not fall at home against MSU. With that shot the Rebels dropped to fifth in the West. Alabama and Ole Miss have identical 7-9 conference records, but the Tide swept the season series and won convincingly in Oxford. (See Brock again.)

Ole Miss has had a nice RPI, relatively speaking, for much of the season, but it dropped to 81 after according to one service after losing to State. The Bulldogs’ RPI is 83.

Kentucky, the Rebels’ first-round opponent in Tampa Thursday, looks NIT bound with an RPI of 80 unless it does serious work in the SECs. The Wildcats are 19-12 and 8-8 and as always have an impressive strength of schedule.

One thing Ole Miss can sport in a head-to-head comparison with Alabama is RPI. The Tide is at 126.

— PA


2 Responses to “HOOPS: RPI Numbers”

  1. rebelgiant66 Says:

    Hey PA,

    You stated that “The Bulldogs’ RIP is 83″…

    I’m sure it was a typo (RIP), but still pretty dang funny!

  2. djrebel Says:

    Thanks bro. It was a typo. Sometimes your best work is a typo.

    — PA

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