HOOPS: Presser Notes Take 2

Kentucky coach Billy Gillispie on Jodie Meeks … “When he’s struggled it’s because we haven’t helped him enough.”…

Meeks finished the regular season as the SEC’s leading scorer at 24.7 a game. He bristled at the suggestion that Kentucky is seen as a two-man team. “We just ignore that a play team basketball.” …

Kentucky is 14-1 in SEC tournament first-round games and 13-0 against Ole Miss in the SEC tournament. The only team Kentucky has defeated more in the league tournament is LSU … 14 times …

Kentucky has won 25 of 49 SEC tournament championships. …

More on the Rebels…
Terrico White’s 20.7 points a game over the last 11 games ranks third among NCAA freshmen. …

Ole Miss is 23-45 in SEC tournament play, 9-17 since the league went to the two-division format in 1991-92. Ole Miss is 9-20 in first-round games. …

The Rebels are 1-2 in SEC tournament games under Andy Kennedy. …

— PA


4 Responses to “HOOPS: Presser Notes Take 2”

  1. SSA Says:

    Don’t forget about the LSU win in 2007

  2. MMB Says:

    Did you forget this from 2007?? Ole Miss 80, LSU 60

  3. djrebel Says:

    Dang SSA, I meant to go back and check that. I read it on a notes sheet, and it didn’t seem right, but I moved on to something else. Thanks.

  4. Flareb Says:

    Welcome to Southwest Fla…I’m about three hours away directly east of where you are as the crow flies. Chamber of Commerce couldn’t have ordered better weather. Can’t remember working as hard for as little as most of us are right now. Economy bad and getting worse here in S. Fla………so I will not be in attendance. Kills me that Rebs are so close and can’t get away to see them. I will be taking a looooooooooong lunch tomorrow. Got a buddy that is a big UK fan that will be there so here’s hoping that wager pans out and I can supplement my income. You know who might want his share!!!….Word is keep it close, Gillespie is the worst game coach in the SEC. Rebs, make us proud.

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