HOOPS: 2010 First Five

On the subject of next year, as Matt mentions below, I submit a projected first five.

F – Malcolm White
PG – Chris Warren
2G – David Huertas
3G – Terrico White
4G – Eniel Polynice

I don’t see M White, Holloway or Cranston transforming into a back-to-the-basket guy during the off-season.

The strength of this team will be guards. Polynice can guard a power forward.

You have four guys in that lineup who can score, and if it’s that balanced, Malcolm will score more often. Hopefully chemistry will develop smoothly.


— PA


6 Responses to “HOOPS: 2010 First Five”

  1. Jay Stokes Says:

    i figured it would be warren, t. white, huertas, holloway, and m. white as starters…………with polynice playing heavy minutes at the 2 guard and at small forward.

  2. colreb420 Says:

    i think it goes5. m white4. m halloway2.t white 3.ep and 1.chris warren

  3. rpmjr Says:

    Holloway. But I see the problem. Who do you sit? Terrico, Chris Warren, Huertes, and Polynice are all 1st teamers. but I would think you need more size with Holloway.

  4. djrebel Says:

    Only five can start so somebody has to sit. I think the key thing is the rotation, not so much who starts. Holloway’s certainly in the rotation.

    I like Polynice, because I think he can guard a bigger player. Good defender and the best option for the elusive “third” scorer.

    Terrico will have a bit of an adjustment next year, because he’ll have to move and get open more often instead of having the ball in his hands as much. I think he’ll play some point too, but I think they’ll go with four guards. That’s where their strength is.

    — PA

  5. rpmjr Says:

    I also think Henry has the most room for improvement over the offseason. I wonder if he can build himself into a Tayshaun Prince type player, except maybe more effective inside, although not as good of a shooter.

  6. djrebel Says:

    There are several players like Henry who are talented, have room to grow and can impact this team next year in ways people are not thinking right now.

    — PA

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