HOOPS: Thoughts on Graham

No date has been set for surgery for guard Zach Graham. He played most of the season with a torn patella tendon. Rehab will be roughly half a year, so a date will be set soon.

Hopefully there will be no surprises with the surgery as there was with Eniel Polynice that ultimately kept him out all of this season.

Graham will be an interesting case next season. He improved as a defender this season, though his scoring was average for a player of his ability. Part of that had to do with concentration on defense — the Rerbels immediate need whe Polynice went down — and part had to do with his knee injury.

Graham would basically get treatment during practice and miss time on the floor just to get ready from game to game through the grind of the season. Graham isn’t as quick as Polynice, but hes a player who gets to the lane and generally finishes well. Absence from practice affected his timing on offense.

On a team full of guards he’s a bigger guy and now has a defensive rep. That could help him get minutes next year when the hurt guys are back.

— PA


One Response to “HOOPS: Thoughts on Graham”

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