BASEBALL: Rebels climb to No. 12

Ole Miss is No. 12 this week in the Baseball America Top 25 following an SEC-opening series win at Vanderbilt.

Also in the rankings is this weekend’s opponent, Alabama. The Tide enters at No. 24 after winning twice against previously unbeaten Georgia.

— PA


6 Responses to “BASEBALL: Rebels climb to No. 12”

  1. Raleighrebel Says:


    Do you have a NCAA baseball poll that you prefer over the other (i.e. Rivals, Baseball America, etc)? Just seems like they sometimes are night and day to each other and aren’t very consistent in comparison. I’m not hating on either. Just curious as to who you think may be a more accurate source in your opinion. I noticed we were 18 in the rivals poll and 12 in the baseball america poll, and a lot of the other rankings are spread out as well.

  2. djrebel Says:

    Raleigh, polling is much less complicated in football and basketball where there are two main sources: AP and the coaches.

    In baseball AP doesn’t do a poll. There are so many baseball polls, I’m not sure there is one done by the coaches. I think coaches are contacted for opinions and may have influence in several of the polls.

    We use Baseball America as the poll to which we refer. We believe it to be a comprehensive source. That doesn’t make it always right.

    — PA

  3. Raleighrebel Says:

    Good to know PA. I was just curious. Thanks.

  4. bclark2202 Says:

    seems as if ole miss puts a lot of emphasis on ratings, since they got good enough to be ranked. It may sound good, but seems polls are highly overated in basketball and more so in baseball, because there is a playoff that will determine who is the best. I believe Georgia was #1 last week and they lost a doubleheader to alabama.

  5. djrebel Says:

    It’s hard to tell in baseball. I’m not sure Ole Miss is the 12th best team in the country right now. May learn more this week against Alabama.

    Here’s the deal in ranking baseball teams, at least from a media perspective. You have fewer media who actually get out and see teams play from a national perspective.

    In football, you have greater media interest and more television opportunities for media to watch teams, plus teams only play once a week. All that helps the ranking process, and you still have teams overrated.

    — PA

  6. rufuswasafan Says:

    Go Pokes from OK State.

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