BASEBALL: The week ahead

After splitting a Sunday doubleheader with Vanderbilt, the Rebels left Nashville with a road series win on the opening SEC weekend. That’s not bad, of course, but you always want a sweep when you have the opportunity, and Mike Bianco will do some evaluation of his SEC rotation, I reckon.

In the meantime the Rebels are at Arkansas State Tuesday and at home against Memphis on Wednesday.

They play their first SEC home series this weekend against Alabama. The polls come out later today.

Brad and I are traveling, so it will be a while before I post again.

— PA


5 Responses to “BASEBALL: The week ahead”

  1. jrreb Says:

    When does new poll come out?

  2. Charles Says:

    Looks like UT picked up Bryce Brown. No question that he’s a stud, but I’d be afraid of the NCAA looking over the shoulder too much because of his “mentor” who is acting a lot like an agent.

  3. JB Says:

    It is tax time and sports gota take back seat for now.

    There’s nothing wrong with the people who voted for Obama that becoming taxpayers won’t cure.

  4. ColoradoReb Says:

    If the NCAA isn’t all over Bryce Brown going to Tenn then they are a bunch of spineless cowards! Can I get an amen?

  5. Chad Says:

    I thought Ole Miss and Arkansas State were playing here.

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