FOOTBALL: Nutt’s comments

From the press conference. Ole Miss coach Houston Nutt …
On Greg Hardy after offseason foot surgery: “He’s been doing great with his rehab. He’s made all the 5:30 meetings and just being a great teammate. He can’t run, but he’s got the cast off, and he’s in the walking boot. He’s doing everything the doctors ask him to do.”
On Melvin Harris, the 6-foot-7 redshirt freshman WR who faces surgery: “I can’t stand it that he won’t be out there. He will have the same surgery as Hardy, and he’ll miss the spring. He did so much for us on the scout team, and you could see him learning and getting better each week.”
On replacing Jason Cook at fullback: “Derrick Davis is a guy, just watch him, he changed his body, put on 16-18 pounds. He gives us that quickness we need back there, that tailback playing fullback. If he can be physical, he can really help Andy (Hartmann, currently first team). Andy is that big, tough guy. He did an excellent job of blocking in the Cotton Bowl, and we’re excited to have him.”
On redshirt freshman quarterback Nathan Stanley: “I’m very anxious to watch him after seeing him for one year on the scout team, to see him now under the live bullets when the heat’s on against the first team defense, which he’ll see a lot. I want to see how he handles that, how he does when it’s third and six or third and seven. He’s competing for a job now. I think you’ll be real impressed with his fundamentals.

— PA


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