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NYC FYI: Signing off

March 31, 2008

Actually, I just signed on as well. Just a late update here. Jeff Roberson and I just got back from the musical “Chicago.” We were pleased to hear a reference to the state of Mississippi in the show. It wasn’t a negative reference either, somewhat neutral.

We waited in line for an hour before the same-day tickets booth opened. Monday is an off day for most shows, and we were glad to find about a half dozen to choose from.

Across the street from the Marquis is a theatre where Mississippian Morgan Freeman is performing in a show called “The Country Girl.” I don’t think Morgan plays the part of the girl.

Two in our group, Thomas and Joseph of Ole Miss student media, attended a David Letterman taping today. Their show will air Friday night.

Most of the Ole Miss players are staying on the same floor as we are, the 22nd floor, at the Marquis. We’ve seen them bouncing in and out at various times in the day. Saw Zach Graham and Trevor Gaskins going out just a few minutes ago. I asked them what curfew was, and Graham said 5 a.m., as the elevator doors were closing. I think he was kidding.

Earlier this evening the teams were at an NIT banquet.

I’ll post some game notes tomorrow morning. The team has a 1 p.m. shoot-around at the Garden.

I hope the wireless situation will be good for the game, and I’ll be able to do the in-game updates.

Local weather calls for rain tomorrow, then the front moving through to bring a sunny day for Wednesday when we have Yankees tickets. We’re kind of hoping for another Yankees rainout tomorrow so it will be Opening Day when we get there.

— PA


HOOPS: NIT presser notes

March 31, 2008


— This is Jeff Roberson of the Ole Miss Spirit interviewing Chris Warren at the NIT press conference. In the background is Thomas McKee of the Daily Mississippian.

There’s a TV light glaring on Jeff, which he said makes him look like the Phantom of the Opera.

Chris said he enjoyed his time in New York yesterday and that he did not get back late. If anyone got back late, it hasn’t emerged yet.

Chris was in the group that got off the bus at China Town yesterday. He did not buy a Rolex, though he said he had many opportunities.

— The Yankees game has come together nicely for Wednesday. If the Rebels do not win, a group of us will stay and see the Yankees and go back on Thursday. Right now, we’re scheduled to fly back on Friday, pending an Ole Miss win.

I asked Andy Kennedy a few minutes ago if he wanted to “stay and go to the Yankees game” with us.

In typical Andy fashion, he replied, “Stay, we’re staying. We’ve got a game on Thursday …. unless you know something I don’t know, Parrish. Please tell me.”

Any way, I don’t think Andy will be making the Yankees game with us.

— The NIT presser was an interesting set up. Two players from each team and each head coach were available for one-on-one interviews at small round tables in the “Broadway Lounge” at the Marriott. After the one-one-ones, the coaches were herded up to a podium with what ammounted to a grip and grin session with NIT officials.

It was a great set up for me. I got what I needed and got back to the room to start work.

— Ohio State players are impressed with the way Ole Miss had been rebounding the ball. Look for this to be a key matchup tomorrow night, and a trend the Rebels must continue if they are indeed going to play the Thursday game that Kennedy is planning on.

In three NIT games Ohio State has been outrebounded by four boards on average. Ole Miss has outrebounded opponents by 14 on average.

— PA

FYI: Tough tickets

March 31, 2008


Here is the Yankees Clubhouse store on 42nd, where I bought a t-shirt and where they informed me that Wednesday’s game against Toronto is sold out. There may be a few tickets available at the stadium on Wednesday, but those would be in the $400 range, according to a helpful gentleman.

So, if anyone would like to contribute to the Yankees ticket fund let me know.

Actually, we may get some help from a friend at Auburn who has Yankees season tickets.

I did a little walking this morning and played with this new phone a little more. It’s got a camera. I know that’s old news for a lot of folks, but it’s still new for me.

Presser in about an hour, and I’ll put up some notes.

— PA

HOOPS: NYC reading

March 31, 2008

Here are a couple of links from today’s print edition. The team approach has been a key element in the Rebels’ NIT run. Also, here’s what a couple of players had to say about Ground Zero.

— PA

FYI: Getting started in NYC

March 31, 2008

As I look out the window here I see an overcast sky. The drizzling rain that’s been predicted hasn’t started, and I hope that prediction is wrong.

About the only thing not right with this trip is the cooler weather when I know I left behind some warmer temps. That’s a small sacrifice.

There was great sunshine yesterday, and the players had great weather in which to go out and see the city. Most of their stuff today will be done inside, so weather won’t be a factor.

I’m about to go out for a morning walk. There’s a Yankees clubhouse store around here that I want to find. My son Kyle has instructed me to bring back a Yankees shirt. Emily gave no such specifics, but I know I better bring back something.

The guys in my traveling group, which includes Jeff Roberson of the Ole Miss Spirit and David Brandt of the Clarion-Ledger, all crashed relatively early last night at the end of the travel day.

After we returned from Ground Zero with the Rebels and filed stories, we walked Times Square, went into a number of the stores and finally had dinner at a local deli.

We also traveled over with two guys from student media. I don’t think they were planning to crash as early.

We’ll have some free time tonight, but the Yankees are off, and Broadway doesn’t do its thing on Mondays.

Press conference is today at noon, and I’ll post some notes soon after.

— PA

HOOPS: Rebels at Battery Park

March 30, 2008


Here’s a shot of Ole Miss players Dwayne Curtis, left, and Zach Graham sitting in Battery Park while a local artist captures them in a comic sketch.

Players have more free time this evening. Tomorrow there’s a press conference with all four teams at noon and an afternoon practice at the New York Athletic Club.

— PA

HOOPS: Back from Ground Zero

March 30, 2008

We rode the bus with the Rebels to Ground Zero and to Battery Park.

Some players seemed to be a little in awe and gave meaningful reflection at Ground Zero.

It was my first time there too. I didn’t get to make it over there when I covered Eli up here in the draft in 2004.

Battery Park was an interesting time. Zach Graham and Dwayne Curtis had a caricature done, the first players to be so bold, but many others quickly followed.

The fake wallet, purse and Rolex people also got some good business from the Rebels.

On the ride back to the hotel about half the team got out at China Town. Most of the remaining players hopped off the bus a few blocks later.

When we reached the hotel the only players still on the bus were Kenny Williams and Jermey Parnell.

— PA

FYI: Settled in at Times Square

March 30, 2008

We just checked in at the Marriott. The trip was uneventful, my favorite kind. The limo ride into the city was interesting. We have been on the ground long enough to learn that the baseball team has fallen behind at Alabama in Saturday’s suspended game. 4-3 last I heard. We’ve already seen Ole Miss players and coaches milling about, and we’re about to catch up with the team at Ground Zero. I’ll post some more later on.

— PA

FYI: Good morning from Birmingham

March 30, 2008

It’s 6:18 now, and the flight to Baltimore (then to Long Island) leaves in about an hour.

I’ve always been an early-at-the-airport guy, so I left the airport Holiday Inn about 5:30.

I usually try with all my might to avoid checking a bag at any airport, but this is one of those trips where you had to pack a little more, and it couldn’t be avoided. Cross your fingers for me.

If all goes according to plan, we’ll be on the ground at noon and should have no trouble catching up with the Rebels at Ground Zero. I really like to stick with the plan when I’m traveling, and that’s why it’s not easy to give up control to the airline.

It’s warm and muggy here in Birmingham and is expected to be in the 40s when we land.

I listened to Ole Miss baseball at Alabama while driving over last night. Heard Michael Guerrero single in the go-ahead run in the third, and then the rains came.

Play resumes at noon. Maybe the Rebels can hold on.

The basketball Rebels leave from Tupelo in about two hours.

— PA

HOOPS: Rebels’ departure time from Tupelo

March 29, 2008

Ole Miss fans who would like to give the basketball team a send-off can do so at the Tupelo airport Sunday morning. The team leaves from the airport at 8:30 a.m.

— PA